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This Is Where I Leave You

When Judd Foxman’s father dies, he and his brothers Paul and Philip and their sister Wendy gather with their mother for 7 days of shiva. Judd has discovered his wife in bed with his boss, his brother Paul and his wife are angrily trying to have a baby, Philip brings home another woman but this time she’s a 44-year-old life coach, not a 21-year-old barfly, and Wendy’s husband spends all his time on the phone, making deals and barking orders. The next 7 days are, predictably, painfully raw, tragedy and comedy in a blender. I actually really liked this book and was shamefully in the corner of every dysfunctional Foxman. But it reads like a movie in every single way. I found that distracting. And, indeed, it has been made into a movie with Jason Bateman as Judd and Tina Fey as Wendy and Jane Fonda as their mother. NICE casting!

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