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Here’s something I meant to post in May.  But it, like a bag of Cheetos, has not degraded a bit with time.  Still tasty.

Ben has been studying the physical concept of work in school, as in the actual expending of energy.  He has been testing me [“Mom, I’m thinking.  Is that work?”] and making lots of pronouncements:  “Believing in God is not work!”

Lucy said today:  “What time of day was I born?”

Me:  “Well, I think that I went into labor with you late at night and you were born early the next morning.  I didn’t labor long with you.”

Lucy:  “What does labor mean?”

Me: “Well, when you’re ready to have your baby, your uterus starts to contract …. [too much information, Lucy is drifting] …. and all those contractions are called labor.  Get it?”

Ben [from far away in the house]:  “That’s work.  Scientifically!”

You bet your behind, kid.

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  1. nicole wrote:

    I remember that night. Scared the shit outta me to see you in labor, but the end result was so divine I just had to do it myself. And yeah, WORK it is 🙂

    Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 9:18 pm | Permalink

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