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Go FreeTrade and AWESOME for Christmas

Hello lovely friends.  I know I’ve been gone a very long time so there may only be 2 or 3 of you looking at this in December.  If so, pass it on to your friends because this blog is a Christmas present.

Karl and I have a dear friend Peter (who has a dear wife Kristin and a dear new baby Moses — hey Family!!) who is also a FABULOUS musician.  We’ve given some of you his music by way of cds of his band Ordinary Time.  So, here’s the present:

Ordinary Time is offering a FREE  ep download of Christmas music from their album In The Town of David.  I promise you, you will play this music every year and never get tired of it.  I said Peter is fabulous, didn’t I?

Just go to and look for the gorgeous cover art you see above — again, by Fabulous Peter.  You can listen to samples or, in exchange for your zip code and email address, download FREE music.  Noisetrade won’t use that info for anything except sending you ONE follow-up email.

I am not going to start a Favorite Things Christmas list because Oprah already does it and she already called the ipad her favorite thing.   But for this one Christmas, I offer you this one Favorite Thing.  Try it.  Share it.  Merry Christmas!!

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