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Monthly Archives: April 2009

The Tennis Partner

Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love

Our reformed book club just read this — 7 of 8 of us!   We’re a book club that reads again.  This won the Pulitzer, so my feeling that it was 75-100 pages too long is just moral flabbiness.  If you feel the penis has been under-represented in literature, pick it up.

Promise Me

I just found out my 91-year old Grama is a huge John Grisham fan.  This is like finding out my mother loves New Kids On The Block albums.  But it gives me courage to express my love of the thriller.  And Harlan Coben is no new kid on the block.  He’s the Lance Armstrong of […]

The Lonely Patient

Will be blogging about this soon. Promise.

Finding Your Own North Star

Oh, man, can Martha Beck write.  Go right now and get Expecting Adam.  Then get Leaving the Saints.  And then, if you’re like me, and you just want to read more of her voice and pretend you’re friends with her, get this one.