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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Mennonite In A Little Black Dress

A funny, light look at faith and culture, losing one and leaving the other.  She still adores her family and her background, which was lovely.  I do think Natasha could top this.  Hipster In Wooden Shoes?   Milkmaid in Vintage Cowboy Boots?  I’m just sayin’, Tash.

Under The Positive Influence

Sometimes, it’s hard to ferret out what happens at school.  I’ll hear a word or phrase or idea that makes no sense at all and only later find the homework sheet that explains it.  I’ll hear a song and wonder what on earth it’s all about until another mother offers her kid’s explanation. I can […]

The Lost Continent

Bill Bryson is the guy who put Australia on my list of Top 3 places I have to visit.  In A Sun-Burned Country is a gorgeous entertaining loving visit Down Under.  This book makes me want to tie him to the hitching post and shove grits down his throat.  Bryson grew up in Iowa and […]

A Brutal Telling

Lots of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day.  We’re celebrating early because tomorrow church starts at 8:30am and, no offense, but that is a serious downer.  I channeled my mother and set the table beautifully with darling cards at each place and tiny boxes of chocolate for each.  Then I struck out on my own by not making a breakfast […]