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Monthly Archives: August 2010


Another graphic novel — this one a memoir.  By David Small, winner of Caldecott Medal, E.B. White Award, Christopher Medal.  This one is NOFK.  Not Ok For Kids.  Super dark, super gorgeous, terrible story.

Maus 11 And here my troubles began

Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Hey all. I know I’ve been MIA all summer and this may seem an abrupt re-entry, but it’s been 90 years since women got the right to vote in this country and I celebrate it!  Today is National Women’s Equality Day, created by Congress in 1971 at the behest of Bella Abzug, who has a […]

Imperfect Birds

I’m not a big fan of Anne Lamott’s fiction.  Her, I love.  This was a birthday present from Linda and it TOTALLY surprised me.  Gripped me by the throat actually and had me eying my daughter beadily all day, wondering what hell she might be planning to put me through in about 10 years.  Ms. […]


by Bernard Beckett who finds himself both “one of New Zealand’s most outstanding writers” and a Royal Society genetics research fellow.  Poor Bernard.  This book ROCKS. Peter and Kristen — read it!!  Very short, sucks you right in, and you’ll never guess where it’s headed.  I’ll say no more.  It’s mysterious.

The Hunger Games

GREAT young people’s book that Ben turned me on too.  He was right — it is violent — but deals with great questions about statehood, rich v. poor, entertainment and technology.  I know that sounds heavy, but the book is not.  It rockets right along and, bless her, Suzanne Collins has made it a trilogy.  […]