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Monthly Archives: November 2009


It took me a minute to figure out what was going on.  Ben, Lucy, and Zoe were in the den playing — took me a minute to realize it was a game of charades.  I present to you Overheard In The Den This Evening: Lucy:  “Someone on a toilet?” Lucy:  “Oprah on a toilet?!” Zoe:  […]

The Hour I First Believed

Shattering.  HOW did he do that?! Already read this.  But I have to re-read it because my book club is discussing it and I can’t remember it.


My counter is covered in scraps of paper.  They are my heritage and they are making me insane.  But the deterioration of my frontal lobe forces me to write down everything.  I am collecting myself on scraps. One of the things I jot down is stuff Ben says.  It’s a sort of demented babybook, a […]

Notes From The Underwire

Martha Martha Martha

Fall fell this week.  After a week of  balmy, skin-kissing weather so glorious that one almost feels global warming is worth it, we got two days of nonstop wind and rain.  It took all the leaves off the trees and left a crunchy, brown carpet for trick or treaters.  Very festive.  Except while our neighbors […]