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Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Guest Room

Another Chris Bohjalian novel.  Very suspenseful although I saw the end coming a mile away.  Richard throws a bachelor party for his brother and the strippers turn out to be sex slaves who kill their minders and escape his house, but not before Richards finds himself in a compromising position with Alexandra.  I  guess I […]

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands

This one read like a teen novel.  Emily Shepard is homeless after the nuclear power plant her father operates malfunctions and explodes.  I really did not like this one at all.

Goodbye Stranger

Rebecca Stead is a stealthy writer!  She weaves the story of Bridge, Tab, and Em’s 7th grade friendship so effortlessly, the depth and truth of their story didn’t really hit me until I was almost through it.  I wonder if this is what Lucy’s friendships are like?

My Beloved World

What a great autobiography!  I just loved this.  Trying to decide which of my girl-power friends needs it as a gift.  Wonderful read.  Inspiring.  

The Forgetting Time

Probably not fair to comment on this book that I read in one day, Day 3 of my bout with the Flu of 2016.  Janie’s son Noah has nightmares and begs to “go see his mother” and remembers and knows things she knows she can’t have told him.  Sharon Guskin weaves the story of Janie […]

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared

Karl and Ray and Farmor loved this book by Swede Jonas Jonasson.  Swedish centenarian Allan celebrates his 100th by climbing out the window of his old folks’ home and going on an adventure, through which we learn of his Forest Gump-ian relationship to the great dictators of history.  Quirky and fun.