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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Back To School

So, school’s been in session for almost two months and, except for a small skirmish with a battalion of lice back in September, I’m happy to report all is generally well. Ben loves his new citizenship as a Bramanite, denizen of the classroom of Mrs. Braman, who liberally uses two of Ben’s favorite motivators:  candy […]

The Abstinence Teacher

A Change In Altitude

The City of Ember

Why do the book covers get changed when a book is made into a movie?  This cover sucks.  The original one was way better.  No matter — a great juvenile fiction given to me by my son.  He often brings me treats from his trips to the library.


Memoir.  Sociological study. Psychological Exploration.  Political Treatise.  You should read this book.

Chasing Darkness