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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Marvel Pride and Prejudice

Amazingly faithful graphic novel version of one of my favorite books.  Nancy Butler uses only Jane Austen’s words in a brilliantly abridged way to tell the story along with Hugo Petrus’s fabulous sexy illustrations.  Great fun.

The Secret Lives of Codebreakers

“The men and women who cracked the enigma code at Bletchley Park..”

Mrs. Bridge

Recommended by Kathleen and Sandy, two fellow readers I like a lot.  Ow, this one hurt.  Tender and poignant and painful.  Excruciating at times. And the ending!!  Oh, Mr. Connell.  HOW did you do it?!

A Christmas Carol

8th Grade Book Club’s December selection.  Fun to read it after seeing the George C. Scott movie version so many times in childhood.  There are SO many versions of that film — 9 listed on imdb, the most intriguing being A Carol Christmas starring Tori Spelling.  Boy, I’d like to make myself an old-fashioned and […]

Yes Please

I just love Leslie Knope.  And the writing on Parks and Rec is so truthful and generous and warm.  So Yes Please just confirms what I knew all along — Amy Poehler is smart and funny and dear and badass in the very best way.