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Monthly Archives: May 2015

All The Light We Cannot See

German orphan Werner is a radio prodigy.  French Marie-Laure is blind and taken with the world of sea snails.  World War II takes over both their lives.  A friend of mine called the writing juvenile.  It won the Pulitzer.

Ruby Holler

Thank you for sending this my way Becky.  I loved this book so much that I bought a used hardcover copy.  I am going to make some kid listen to me read it to them.  Such simplicity and originality.  Adventure, danger, humor, action, and a satisfying ending, all without writer-ly fireworks.  Sharon Creech, you are […]


Ah, there’s the Rowell I remember.  This is her first novel, written while she was a columnist at the Omaha World-Herald, which may explain plot line of newspaper movie reviewer sends witty email to copy editor friend at work while sexy, love-stung IT hero reads them under the guise of surveillance.  Her first novel!  Her […]