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Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Postmistress

Another WWII novel — not on purpose, really! — that moves back and forth between Land’s End in the US and London.  I didn’t think it was a deftly written as 22 Britannia Road and I thought the author’s note better explained the philosophical questions she was exploring than did the actual narrative.  I hate […]

22 Britannia Road

22 Britannia Road: A Novel is a stunner.  Kudos to Amanda Hodgkinson on her FIRST novel.  Sheesh!  I’ll  ((be looking for the next one because it’s not just the story (Polish couple reunited after a 6-year separation during WWII, struggling to find their personal and family way) that is a stunner, but the writing is […]


A total page-turner.  If you can stomach the premise — a 5-year old raised entirely as a hostage with his mother in a garden shed — then you will be rewarded with the perfect twists and turns of a summer beach read.  Read Room, but maybe don’t go on Wikipedia and read the true background […]