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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Running with Squirrels

Ben and Lucy’s school held a fundraiser today and I am officially a fan. Those of you with kids in school know that Back-To-School season [buying backpacks and lunch boxes and checking underwear for holes] is closely followed by Fundraising Season.  Since the start of school 9 weeks ago, my kids’ school has already hosted […]

Ben Is a Lucky Charm

Ben is a lucky charm. When he was four, he won a tshirt in a drawing at the library. When he was six, he won 4 passes to a local amusement park in another library drawing. This month, at age 7, he won 2 tickets to Ringling Brother Circus –  again from the library. As […]

Hockey Mama for Obama

Got to see Barack Obama downtown today.  A woman said to me “You’re beaming!” and I grinned at her stupidly.  Yes, I am BEAMING.  I’m beaming because Barak Obama is smart and eloquent and speaks to my concerns.  I’m beaming because Calder Plaza was full of all kinds of people who felt the same way […]