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Monthly Archives: June 2014

We Won’t See Auschwitz

  Graphic memoir by Jeremie Dres chronicles his two week visit to Poland with a brother to learn more about their Jewish grandmother’s roots.  I like his drawing style.  And I learned some about the complexity of the attempts at Jewish renaissance in Poland.  Jeremie and his brother decline to go to Auschwitz and to […]

Shadow On The Mountain

The kids gave me this book for my birthday.  So good!  A fiction based on the real life of a Norwegian teenager who joined the resistance and lived through Nazi occupation of Norway.  The cover art and extras, like photos and bibliography and code breaking challenge and author’s note, are just beautifully done.  A real […]

Glitter and Glue

Kelly Corrigan wrote an excellent memoir of her experience of cancer and motherhood called The Middle Place.  Her ebullient father “Greenie” featured prominently in that book and now she’s spent an entire book examining her relationship with — and adult-won admiration of — her mother using the narrative of her post-college job nanny-ing for Milly […]


Craig Thompson has written an OPUS.  Love, war, the roots of Christianity and Islam and their intersections, the world water crisis — it’s all in this GORGEOUS graphic novel that took him years to create.  When you look at it, you will see why.  Stunning.

Ender’s Game

Ben put this on my nightstand about a year ago and has gently chided me for taking so long to pick it up.  I’m not a fan of sci-fi and I had a hard time following the action of the battles, but the narrative of a 7-year old Ender Wiggin taken from his family to […]

Shanghai Girls

Lisa See, author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, tells the story of sisters Pearl and May who escape China’s People’s Revolution via arranged marriages.  I like the details of life in China and California at this time, particularly Pearl and May’s time on Angel Island, awaiting permission to actually enter the United States.