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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Children of the Flames

  The story of Josef Mengele, Auschwitz “doctor,” is chillingly interspersed with a kind of Greek chorus of the voices of those who survived his sick and brutal experiments.  I found this book because the author, Lucette Lagnado, wrote a memoir I just read (and noted further down this page).  Her memoir was about her […]


One of my librarians recommended this book to me after I asked what she was reading.  Carolyn Jessop was one of many wives to a prominent member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Her escape with her 8 children was a sensation because she was only the second woman to […]

The Hypnotist

A Swedish crime novel, less kinky than Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, characters with less drama but just as much interest.  I really, really liked it — it moved like a runaway train and was full of twists and turns.  Written by a couple under the pseudonym Lars Kepler.  Check out their author photo on […]

Winter In Wartime

Image is of Dutch movie based on book I just read — Winter In Wartime by Jan Terlouw.  Terlouw was a child during the war in the Netherlands.  His book is a fiction no doubt based on his experiences.  A book I would give Ben if he were at ALL interested in my WW2 reading, […]

The Turnaround

This guy is GOOD.  He writes a tight story with sympathetic characters and bad-guys who are just bad, not evil or twisted.  Great D.C. detail again.  I’ll get more…