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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Running With Scissors

Well, I am re-reading this and I’m not sure why. Burroughs’ childhood was horrific and, even with his fierce sense of humor and extraordinary writing style (HOW does he remember all of that? HOW does he distill it into a narrative? HOW?!), I guess I simply feel like this: if he can LIVE through it […]

Notes From The Underwire

The title of this book really works in one of Quinn Cummings’ essays but I hate it as a title. Also, the cover art. Quinn was done wrong on both counts because these essays are really good. Well done, Ms. Cummings!

For Goodness Sex

Written for parents by a Human Sexuality teacher from a Quaker high school in Pennsylvania. So good. I wish my kids could be in his class. Darn it. It’s up to me.

This Is Where I Leave You

When Judd Foxman’s father dies, he and his brothers Paul and Philip and their sister Wendy gather with their mother for 7 days of shiva. Judd has discovered his wife in bed with his boss, his brother Paul and his wife are angrily trying to have a baby, Philip brings home another woman but this […]


There’s probably a name for this kind of novel about small town life where the most prosaic things have an existential feel. I wish I knew what it was. Reading this on the heels of Ordinary Grace makes me feel there MUST be one. Miles, Thanatopsis, Miss McGee, Wayne Workman, Annie and Hank Bird, Beverly […]

Not Becoming My Mother by Ruth Reichl

Presented as a book, this slim, 110-page volume is really an extended essay written by the wonderful, enchanting Ruth Reichl about her mother, Miriam, their fraught relationship, and Ruth’s conclusion that her mother, in raising her with what looked to me like a crushingly harsh and demanding attitude, was trying to help Ruth avoid the […]