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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Ben-san writes poem

Last week at Oakdale Elementary was Teacher Appreciation Week and the PTO hosted a Poetry Contest.  I got to watch my son tackle a challenge with such relentless determination that it made me wonder: Why Not The Same For Using A Fork? Anyway, the kids were invited to write a poem about teachers and staff […]

Dining With Squirrels Who Talk With Their Mouths Full and Eat With Their Fingers

We had my friend Melissa’s daughter stay with us for a few days last month.  Her table manners were delightful.  I mean, truly, full-on, sitting-up-straight, elbows-off the table, holding-your-fork-like-a-utensil-not-a-weapon delightful.  And I’m sure she didn’t mean to, but she made Ben look bad.  Or so I concluded. I was deeply disturbed by the comparison.  So […]

Lucy’s new face

Lucy lost a front tooth today.  We’ve been waiting.  Her two top front ones had taken a sort of grayish cast the last few weeks, clearly dying, but not ready to cast off.  When she loped down the hill from the school doors, she looked shockingly different to me.  Old.

Leaving Church

Read this with Book Club.  Did I mention the “Book Club”  took a New Year’s vow to actually read the book?  We’ve been doing it and spent more than 2 hours Friday night talking about this one.  My favorite quote:  “My role and my soul were eating each other alive.  I wanted out of the […]


If you’re easily offended or feeling particularly protective of the literal Gospels, maybe skip this one.  Me?  I laughed out loud and gained a refreshed gratitude for Jesus — not just that he died, but that he lived here too.  Not easy, as you all know.


My friend Nicole and I have a weak spot for memoirs.  She recommended this one and it was a harrowing read.  I ached for this woman and the hand she’s been dealt.