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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker

I had a sour feeling about Jen Hatmaker when I read her book Seven.  I just didn’t think I needed to read why SHE wanted to spend seven months giving stuff up. I didn’t really want to spend a month eating the same food all the time or recycling a lot. Ok, actually, that one […]

The New Old Me by Meredith Maran

Meredith Maran’s marriage falls apart and she move from San Francisco to take a writing job with a clothing company in Los Angeles. She describes her slow, painful path through denial, bargaining, anger and acceptance with care and a sort of firm dedication to realness, even enumerating her various dramas, including the interior ones, with […]

Goodnight from London

Ruby leaves America at the start of World War 2 for London, taking a job as a reporter for a weekly magazine. Diverting. Nice historical details throughout. Yes, the cover. I know.

The Alice Network

Charlotte St. Clair is pregnant, unmarried, and on her was to a “Swiss solution” with her mother in the aftermath of WW2 when she meets Eve Gardiner and her “man of all things,” Finn.  Struggling to make her own choices for her life, still grieving the suicide of her soldier brother, and desperate to believe […]

Nineteen Minutes

Doris gave me this book. I’ll treasure having read it as a piece of our friendship.

The Marriage Bureau

This charming book details the creation of “The Marriage Bureau” in 1939 London by two young unmarried women, Heather and Mary, hoping to make their own way without having to rely on a man by helping other women find a man.  And men find a woman. Charmingly and casually told with plenty of details about […]