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Monthly Archives: July 2013

City of Women

Loaned to me by Neighbor Megan.  I won’t tire of good fiction set in World War 2 Europe.  This is the story of a German woman in Berlin.  Sigrid isn’t particularly political or, in the beginning, ethical in any way.  She is lonely and stressed. Through a series of cascading events, she finds herself confronted […]

An Abundance of Katherines

Rebecca recommended this book to me.  I had a slow start with it:  Colin Singleton’s mooning over his lost love, the 19th of 19 Katherines, was getting on my nerves.  But when he and his best friend Hassan (“I am not a terrorist”) go on a road trip and meet Lindsey at the supposed grave […]

Nuture Shock: New Thinking About Children

Journalists Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman set out to find the truth behind the torrents of studies regarding children about which we hear admonishing or even terrifying sound bites every day.  Lots of interesting ideas in here (loved the chapter about children lying) but honestly, I don’t feel reassured that Bronson and Merryman have succeeded […]

Night Over Water

Not as satisfying as the Century Trilogy, but really what was going to make up for the fact that #3 doesn’t come out until next year?  This is a sort of thriller set on the eve of World War 2 as the characters are all headed for America on a Pan Am China Clipper, a […]

Winter of the World

The second in the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett.  This one visits all the same families, next generation included, during World War 2.  LOVED it of course!  I especially liked the perspective of the Rise of Socialism in Russia.  I never really knew much about that.  Bad news!  The third one doesn’t come out until […]