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Monthly Archives: August 2015

How To Be A Grown-Up

From the authors of the Nanny Diaries.  I’m always up for some pulp fiction.  Read this in one day and won’t remember it in 3. Some great bits about modern office craziness but so over the top that imagining even the inspiration makes me a little sick at heart.  And the story of someone’s divorce […]

Do No Harm

British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh tells stories of life, death, and brain surgery.  Being a doctor really isn’t being God.  Lord, they’re fallible.  I like that he sees that.

Miss Julia Takes Over

2nd in the series by Ann B. Ross.  Julia is now living with Hazel Maria and Little Lloyd.  Brother Vern and Pastor Ledbetter are still hovering around Miss Julia’s money and Sam’s eyes still twinkle despite his broken leg.  Hazel Marie goes missing and Miss Julia and Little Lloyd team up with the mustachioed Mr. […]