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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour

Fun and touching YA novel about Amy and Roger who embark on a cross-country drive to reunite with parents.  Strangers, they find themselves in that out-of-time-and-place space that you can only know if you’ve been on a road trip (especially through somewhere desolate).  Amy grieves the recent death of her father and the emotional absence […]

Astonish Me

Story of Joan Joyce, ballet dancer who finds herself the chosen getaway car driver for Russian dance and defector, Arslan Rusakov.  This novel spans 2 generations, weaving back and forth between Joan’s dancer’s  life in New York City and the childhood of her son, Harry, in California.  When Harry becomes a prominent — and clearly […]

One For The Murphys

A great middle school fiction about what makes a family.  Carley is sent to live with a foster family, the Murphys, after a violent encounter with her stepfather.  Lynda Mulally Hunt totally gets the confusion and pain, want and need of a child trying to figure out love, family, and self.  Lucy’s reading it now.  […]

The Soloist

I have had this book for a year.  I took it from my mother-in-law’s house along with abut 10 others that I added to the next of the giant bookworm in our living room (I am the worm).  Something about the cover, perhaps the reminder that this book had been Made Into A Movie, put […]