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Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Space Between Us

So beautifully written.  Another one [like Weight of Silence] that tells a great story without showing us the skilled writing.  Story of two women in Bombay:  housewife and household servant, both mothers, both unhappily married.  Umrigar’s insight into mothering, wife-ing and being alone in a great sea of people is really stunning.  I LOVED this […]

The Weight of Silence

Ahhh…broke a long month of booklessness.  Very weird.  Just couldn’t find a book I wanted to read.  If that was the  universe’s way of telling me I should be turning inward and thinking deeply, it didn’t work.  I just felt crabby.  Neighbor Megan dropped this off and it was immediately engrossing and swiftly told.  A […]

The Self-Esteem Trap

Favorite quote so far:  “At times of difficulty, when they could teach the valuable lesson to their child that they are confident he/she can handle disappointment and limitation, they sidestep conflict and avoid bad feelings that come with it…unwittingly depriving him or her of the ordinary bits of adversity that will inoculate him/her against later […]

Doing Life

Doing Life:  Reflections of Men and Women Serving Life Sentences

Wishful Drinking

Imagine meeting Carrie Fisher in a bar.  After she’s had a few drinks.  Then you have a few drinks.  She talks nonstop and you think she is HILARIOUS.  Maybe if you had a few drinks before reading this book, you would think the same thing:  Wish You Were Drinking.  She’s got awesome material:  famous parents, […]

The Middle Place