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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Appointment In Samarra

Was reading a treatise on growing older by Lewis Lapham and he said this was his favorite book, one he reads and re-reads as the years unwind, so I had to read it. Published in 1934, it reads like other books of its era (think Fitzgerald) with terse dialogue of the age and an undercurrent […]

Miss Julia’s School of Beauty

The binge continues.

Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory

Oh I loved this book. SO MUCH. 14-year old Mattie, his mom Irene, his uncle Frankie, his step-cousin Mary Alice (“call me Malice”), his card-shark grandpa — all marvelous Telemachus Family members with psychic abilities.  Quirky, loving, familial, absolutely ready to be made into a movie, with the kid from Speechless starring at Mattie.

The Grand Sophy

Oh my word. Georgette Heyer! Thank you for this. The Grand Sophy is like a long-lost Jane Austen. Delightful. Just the transporting I needed on this Christmas vacation.