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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Left Neglected

Lisa Genova wrote the book Still Alice, which had me and my neighbors self-examining for early-onset Alzheimers for months.  Now she’s used her degree in neurology to write Left Neglected, another novel about brain injury, this time the syndrome of “left-neglect,” which refers to right-hemisphere brain damage that results in a total unawareness of one’s […]

Espresso Tales

The second and so far last in Alexander McCall Smith’s newspaper serial stories about a group of neighbors at 44 Scotland Street.  I’m bitterly sad that I won’t know what happens to all of my Scottish friends, but at least Smith gave us a hint about 6-year old Bertie, saved from his domineering mother Irene […]

44 Scotland Street

44 Scotland Street: A 44 Scotland Street Novel is a compilation of Alexander McCall Smith’s serial stories in The Scotsman, a Scottish newspaper.  This creates arcs and tension in each chapter and offers a whole host of characters. I can imagine being quite addicted to it as a serial, in the same way we waiting […]

The Buddha In The Attic

The Buddha in the Attic Wonderful poetic book by Julie Otsuka about Japanese girls coming to America in the early 1900s through their journey to interment camps during World War 2.  Told entirely in the royal “We” from hundreds of different viewpoints.  129 pages that make a pointellist painting of thousands of lives.  I may […]