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Monthly Archives: September 2009

This I Believe

Thanks for this book, Laura.  I could not write one of these essays right now.  Something to ponder.

I’m cold. Put on a sweatshirt.

Conversation with Lucy today: Lucy:  I’m cold. Sara:  Put on a sweatshirt. Lucy:  It will make my tummy hurt. Sara:  Putting on a sweatshirt will make your tummy hurt? [beat] Lucy:  It’s how I’m made, Mommy.

His Last Desire

The photo is by Ben.  This summer he liked to borrow my camera and take photos of the neighbors’ yards. On the way home from the park last night, Ben was in one of his great moods, full of joy and delighted observation.   It was one of these moods years ago that prompted one of […]


It’s a good thing I didn’t try to write this yesterday.  Well, actually, I did try, but it was a post so full of wallowing self-pity and irritation that I might have alienated the Reader.  I was certainly alienating myself.  I was not a chipper chippy. Ben has lice again.  A mere 3 months since […]

Still Alice

50-year old Alice Howland, Harvard Professor of Psychology, learns that her recent memory lapses stem from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.  I read this one in a morning, with my eyes sort of squinted at the page, because it played into my deepest fears. Is she still Alice when she doesn’t remember her husband and children?